Fab Feb French Adventure

This is the best thing ever! I have learnt loads of French and it really helps me feel more confident - Philip Skelton from Stillington

This half term, twelve intrepid 9-11 year olds from all over North Yorkshire took part in a new and exciting residential enrichment course at Bewerley Park. They followed a combined programme of intensive French tutorials (in the warmth of the classroom), with an invigorating burst of adventurous activities out in the fresh air of Nidderdale.

The French was taught by renowned Advanced Skills Language Teacher, Liz Black used the outdoor experiences to help the children express their feelings and experiences in French. She strongly believes in making learning languages fun and relevant. By putting the French sessions in context with the adventures they have just experienced the pupils are far more likely to really understand and retain the French that they learn. Take a look a Liz’s fantastique blog.

We came up with this idea recognising that a combination of indoor and outdoor sessions would work well for a holiday course at this time of year. Perhaps surprisingly, a lot of the personal development skills that pupils acquire from doing adventurous activities are the same skills required to succeed at a language. Taking on challenge, being prepared to try, building resilience and perseverance are all things that can be transferred from facing a big rock climb for the first time to facing striking up a conversation in a foreign language for the first time.

Participant Philip Skelton from Stillington said: “This is the best thing ever! I have learnt loads of French and it really helps me feel more confident”  When asked which he liked best out of the French and Outdoor Activities, Jo O’Keeffe from Leyburn really had to think about it and then decided: “Both- I thought it would be the outdoor stuff but actually the French is really good too.” He also said “I was really nervous about coming and not sure that I should but now I am really happy I came.”

Bewerley Park are working with Liz Black again, running ‘REVISE AND REVITALISE’  GCSE AND A LEVEL GERMAN BOOSTER COURSES in the EASTER HOLIDAYS. 6-8th April and 8-10th April 2014 respectively- perfect timing to get some intense top level tuition before the exam season. If you are interested in taking part please get in touch.

Participating pupils in the Fab Feb French Adventure:

Matthew and Philip Skelton, Finley Clavin – Stillington Primary

Joseph and Jonny O’Keeffe –  Leyburn Primary

Benjamin Massey – Hutton Rudby Primary

Madeleine Lane, Beatrix Weatherell – Carlton and Faceby Primary

Katie Hill, Poppy Staples, Niamh Tucker- McCauley – Ingleby Greenhow Primary

Oliver Black – Belmont Grosvenor School