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Step two - Admin & preparation

Getting organised

Progress Checklist

We know that organising your course can be a daunting task so we’ve compiled this page to help you keep on track.

*Anything in orange is something we will do

*Anything in green is something you need to do

Up to 18 months to go:

  • Complete Step one – Book Your Course and submit booking form to your chosen centre
  • Seek approval from your school’s EVC
  • Receive confirmation of your booking from us.

6-9 months to go:

3 months to go:

  • Submit any planning you have done including your aims and objectives and liaise with your Course Director to¬†plan programme

2 months to go:

  • Confirm your final numbers to us (including staff)
  • Your final programme is agreed and sent to you

1 month to go:

  • Return all consent forms to Centre(check these as they come in for any medical/dietary needs)
  • Complete and return Dormitory allocation
  • Provide Students with Kit Lists
  • Submit proof of eligibility for free places

3 weeks to go:

  • Complete and submit your activity group/medical lists

2-3 weeks to go:

  • We send you a dormitory confirmation and plan
  • Hold a parents evening using the resources available on this site as needed (some schools choose to hold a parents evening so that they can talk through the programme and any anxieties with parents. Please Get In Touch if you’d like support with this.)

0 weeks:

  • Give us call on your arrival day to let us know when you’ll be here then arrive and have a great time!

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