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Outdoor adventure days at our centres

Done-in-a-day adventures at Bewerley Park and East Barnby

Costs:£320/day/12 students

Duration: 1+days

Winter Adventure Days Special Offer at Bewerley Park

Free Transport to and from any school within a 30 min drive time of Bewerley Park. Read more here…..


An adventure day based at Bewerley Park or East Barnby can be a brilliant way of engaging your pupils with the great outdoors without committing to an over night residential.

We have such a fantastic range of activities and options that we can tailor your day of adventure specifically to your needs. Typically you arrive as close to 9am as possible (depending on your travel time time of course) and we get going on your chosen adventure right away. All transport and equipment will provided whilst you are here. If you would like us to provide a lunch this can be arranged, or you simply bring a pack-up.

We have ample changing and shower facilities so the groups can get as stuck-in as they like, so long as they have a change to go home in!

We have a huge range of activities on offer and almost all of them can be done-in-a-day. Please browse our activities (see the helpful links on the left) and then get in touch to discuss what you would like. We can also help you bring your own ideas to life if you know what you want but need expert help to make it happen.

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