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Alternative curriculum provision

Finding true potential

We are trusted by many schools and youth organisations to provide outdoor learning opportunities that enhance their alternative curriculum provision and give their learners the chance to shine, regardless of their background or previous academic success.

We can offer a broad range of courses, events and expertise that support your existing programmes and also help drive them in new directions.

Our courses deliver progressive outcomes for each and every learner in key areas such as:

  • Developing a positive mind-set,
  • Improving self-confidence,
  • Increased engagement with learning,
  • Better cooperation skills,
  • Confident communication.

We have measured the impact of our courses and found that those young people most at risk of low mental well-being make significant and long lasting improvements to their positive mental outlook.  Here are more details of that study.


Thorough planning

The process begins with our staff meeting with you to discuss your specific needs and your learners’ individual characteristics. If appropriate, we encourage your students to be involved right from the start in planning their course. From this we will offer you bespoke programs of outdoor learning that are then fine-tuned prior to delivery. Our staff are highly experienced in planning successful programs that take into account a broad range of learners.

The best possible start leads to the best possible outcomes

From the first session, our staff will build positive and measured relationships with your learners so that they make continued progress towards their goals. Our patient and inclusive approach ensures that we always keep our minds open to the bigger picture on the horizon.

Building on success

As your course progresses we encourage learners to reflect on their success so that they become empowered to push themselves further than they might have thought possible.

Examples of existing models of delivery

Nidderdale High School – We are currently in the fourth year of a partnership with Nidd High to deliver a one day per week program of outdoor learning to a group of Year 10 students on their alternative curriculum at school. This program has delivered improved attendance rates, lower incidence of the need for behaviour sanctions and a growth in the students’ self-confidence.

Grove academy (Formally Harrogate PRU) – Have been working with us for more than 5 years. Typically we deliver 6 planned days spread over a term at a time, ensuring progression for each student.

Forest Moor School – Since its inception, we have worked with Forest Moor School to deliver outdoor learning sessions that mesh with the schools ongoing curriculum. We have offered Forest Moor a truly flexible approach depending on their learners where some have come directly to our centre on fixed days and on other occasions we have brought all the specialist equipment and staff to the school and worked from there, beginning and ending the day at School including helping students to complete their daily review in the classroom.