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Pupil challenge days at your site

A day of fun and challenge built around your aims

Costs: £320/day

Duration: 1 day+

We can bring a range of team challenges and activities to your site or grounds and set up an activity day or half day for your pupils that can serve many purposes. This can be an excellent way to bring groups together before a residential at one of our centres or it can serve to help a new year group settle in together and ‘break the ice’. You may have a specific theme around teamwork, leadership, communication or a similar aim. We can use this to shape the event so your desired outcomes are emphasised. Our staff are skilled in pitching challenges like this at just the right level and the process of the day will involve regular reviewing sessions to ensure that the learning taking place is both understood and celebrated.

Due to the entirely bespoke nature of such an event we will need to engage with you in a planning process to ensure your event is set up correctly. If this day appeals to you we encourage you to get in touch to start the planning today.

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