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Outdoor adventure days near you

Local adventures that can be enjoyed again and again

Costs:£320/day/12 students

Duration: 1+days

You may have wonderful adventures right on your doorstep and not even know it! Let us help you explore the opportunities that are right under your nose.

Our expert staff will be able to identify activity locations within easy reach of your school and provide your pupils with a bespoke adventure right on their own doorstep. Perhaps as a prelude to your residential here, or maybe to support a wider learning objective in school, or perhaps simply because getting in to the great outdoors is such brilliant fun!

Our staff will take care of all the research and essential admin that goes in to creating your bespoke local adventure. We then bring all the equipment needed, meet you at school and take you our on your own local adventure. After the initial set-up, this is then a repeatable event with subsequent years making for an annual event that the whole school can look forward to.

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