Bushcraft Skills

Under the guidance of our expert staff you will have the chance to learn and apply a whole range of traditional bushcraft skills that will not only enhance your enjoyment of the natural world but open your eyes even wider to the creative possibilities that await you.

  • Skills that can be covered include:
  • Firelighting techniques
  • Gathering and preparing wild food
  • Traditional cooking
  • Safe and effective use of a variety of cutting tools
  • Making implements
  • Carving
  • Weaving
  • Bivvys
  • Tracking

We will build on the skills and experience you already have and you will be encouraged to progress at your own pace. Our bushcraft courses are always full of like-minded folks so you are guaranteed to make some new friends along the way. All specialist equipment can be provided although you are welcome to bring along your own equipment and tools too.

2 Days