Mountain Leader Award

Training and assessment courses

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“For all you aspirant Mountain Leaders out there I would highly recommend them for either your training or assessment. Cheap course fees, supporting a Local Authority Outdoor Centre, friendly & knowledgeable staff; whats not to like!”  

Paul Curry – Course attendee


Mountain Training – Mountain Leader Award

Our experienced and qualified staff run the nationally recognised Mountain Training – Mountain Leader Training and Assessment courses.  We run at least one training and one assessment course every year, however if there are 4 or more of you wanting to do a training or assessment course, additional courses can be arranged.

The course content will follow the Mountain Training syllabus for the Mountain Leader however within this the course can be tailored to fit individual needs.

To attend a ML Training or Assessment course you must meet the pre-requisites laid down by Mountain Training.  To find out the pre-requisites and syllabus for these awards please look on the Mountain Training website.


Training £395
Assessment £395
Training: 6 days Assessment: 5 days