Beck Scrambling for primary children

Crawling through boulders, climbing small waterfalls and crossing rivers…Beck scrambling is all about exploring as a team, trying new things and having an adventure. Individuals are encouraged to work together to achieve a range of challenges as a team, both in and alongside the river.

Apart from being a lot of fun, beck scrambling is a great chance to assess and develop a range of interpersonal skills and , such as empathy towards each other, leadership, communication and cooperation.Get in Touch


Beck Scrambling for secondary

Explore one of the North York Moors most exciting stretches of river. With rock tunnels, waterfalls and plunge pools this is all about facing challenges as a team and supporting each other through the adventure.

Along the way you’ll develop skills of leadership, collaboration and problem solving as well your own resilience and sense of adventure.

“Beck scrambling was tough but with the help of my team I overcame my fears.”
(Year 8 student)

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Beck Scrambling for post 16

Teamwork, Resilience, Decision Making, Leadership…
Beck scrambling is all about working together to navigate this adventurous terrain. Whether it’s swimming across the river, climbing waterfalls or crawling through tunnels, your team will need to cope with challenges and combine your physical, mental and social skills to ensure that everyone is supported. If you like adventure this is for you!

The skills you develop Beck scrambling are not only important life skills but also exactly what employers are looking for in the workplace.

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