Orienteering for primary children

Orienteering is a great opportunity for children to develop practical map reading skills in an engaging environment. Once equipped with the necessary skills students will be able to challenge themselves on a range courses racing against clock. Our moorland and woodland courses are designed so that there are natural boundaries and teachers can be positioned around the course whilst the children work more independently. This enables children to gain independence and tackle real life decision making and problem solving skills.

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Orienteering for teens

With a wide range of courses available both on the moors and woodland we have something for everyone from the novice map reader to the experienced orienteer. Through these differentiated and progressive courses students will develop a range of orienteering and interpersonal skills as they face real problems and need to make quick decisions. Our electronic equipment makes setting up competitive events nice and simple and whether they challenge themselves against the clock or each other orienteering combines navigation and physical skills into a fun sport.

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