Rockpooling for primary children

Explore life on the seashore…
The Yorkshire Coast is abundant with life and the reefs that stretch across the coastline are perfect for a whole host of extraordinary creatures. Crabs, fish, molluscs and seaweed of all shapes and sizes await discovery and each is specially adapted for it’s place on the seashore. Some of the seaweeds are even edible! 

Take a closer look and you’ll discover a whole new world! 

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Rockpooling for teens

The Yorkshire coast is rich in wildlife and some areas have been recommended as a marine conservation zone. The scars that stretch for several hundred metres at low tide provide the ideal habitat for a wide range of seashore creatures and make this a great place to explore species distribution and diversification along the shore. No matter what the age, the seashore is just a great place to explore and is always full of surprises.

There is great scope for fieldwork at all levels including GCSE, A Level and beyond. Visit our Field Studies page or get in touch for more info.

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