It all started with Bewerley Park

From Bewerley Park, around the world and back again.

Take a trip with Kate down her memory lane and find out how she had to go all the way round the world to find her way back to Bewerley!


With all the travel restrictions around the world at the moment, and being stuck at home, I am reminiscing about how lucky I was at the start of my career to have lived and worked on board the sail training vessel THE EYE OF THE WIND, and circumnavigated the world.

And it all started at Bewerley Park.

A previous head of Bewerley was running a 5 week trip to the Tall Ship Race in 1996 as part of the Yorkshire Schools Exploring Society for a group of young adults.   I had just completed a year at the centre doing the Trainee Instructor scheme and had popped back to say hello to everyone, that ‘Hello’, changed my life.

I expressed an interest in being one of the staff members on the trip, but when hearing how much it would cost, I laughed it off. There was no way I could afford it.  The selection weekend was coming to an end. I became determined to raise the money any which way I could…..

I saved, took out a loan, and even jumped out of a perfectly good plane to raise the money. It paid off; the trip was to lead onto the biggest adventure of my life.

I flew out to Germany and stepped onto ‘The Eye of the Wind’, which is the most magnificent sailing vessel, with its sleek black hull, figure head depicting the wind and stunning burgundy sails. The enigmatic Tiger Timbs owned and skippered the vessel. His wife Debbie and their seven year old daughter, who had been on board since she was three weeks old, were also there.  I was to spend nearly 4 years on the ship, and sail around the world.

The first five weeks was extended when I was asked to stay on as a deck hand, cooks assistant and eventually become a watch leader.

I went on to sail around the world, stopping off at places like; The Galapagos, Easter Island, Pitcairn, Papa New Guinea, Australia and South Africa. I’ve sailed through many different sea conditions from the doldrums where it was flat calm, to force 10 winds with waves as big as houses.  I’ve dived with sharks in the Atlantic Ocean, I witnessed Boobie Birds dancing (it’s a real thing, look it up) and been interviewed on radio whilst cooking breakfast in Australia.

I’ve been extremely privileged to have had many different adventures (mostly good) and it all started here at Bewerley Park.