New mountain biking skills trail at Bewerley Park

Double the size, new lines, new features!

We love Mountain Biking! It is a fantastic activity to allow young people to challenge themselves and do more than they thought possible. It is a great way to explore and connect with the natural world. It is also a chance to inspire young people to adopt eco-friendly transport habits for the future.

Many of you will have seen and ridden on our previous MTB skills track. Whilst this was good, we have had it in mind to improve it for a while. This period of pause has given us the chance to do just that! With the help of some serious earth-moving machinery (from the team at Skeltons), funding from the UCI and our expertise in Mountain Biking, we have been able to more than double the size of the previous track. There are now multiple different lines to allow riders to select an appropriate level of challenge. The track also now includes many features that would be encountered at purpose-built mountain biking Trail Centres such as Gisburn Forest. We are really excited to be able to introduce groups to this upgraded track when the time comes!

As with any activity we use, we take groups to venues that most closely match their learning needs and skills. This track will now offer us the chance to make more accurate assessments of individual riders skills and capabilities before venturing out for a mountain biking adventure. It will also be perfect for introducing less experienced riders to the wonderful challenges mountain biking brings.

This project was funded by a grant from the Union Cyclist Internationale (UCI) to enable children from North Yorkshire to develop their bike skills.