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Pre-visit preparation

Coming for a course at one of our centres? Its time to get ready...

These are the things you need to think about or do before your child comes.

Ask your school about payment

Different schools and groups will organise the payment for the trip in different ways. Make sure you are in touch with the trip leader at your school so you are aware of your options.

Food arrangements

If the person visiting us has a special dietary requirement then please ensure you have told your schools trip leader. If their dietary needs are complex then please get in touch with the centre and we will arrange a conversation with our chef.  Our kitchen staff are able to accommodate almost any requirement as long as they know about it in advance.

Any special considerations

We hope we cover all specific considerations you may require during our normal booking procedure with your school or group but if there is something you think we have missed or wish us to know more about then please drop us a line and we can make the arrangements you need.

Get your trip hoodie here!

We have online shops for you to be able to order Bewerley Park or East Barnby hoodies in time for your trip. Available in a range of colours and sizes, the are made to order by Coniston Corporate and take around 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.

Get Bewerley Park hoodies here

Get East Barnby Hoodies here 

What to pack

Download a kit list here. As well as that, here are a few top tips

Clothes. Bring old ones. Lots of them! We would hate to think someone missed out on an activity because they were concerned about getting their best top dirty! Take in to account the time of year as when it is cold lots of thin layers are better than one big thick jumper but you will still need some long lightweight layers in the summer. It does not need to be specific outdoor wear, normal clothes are perfect. However, if you do feel the need to go out and buy some outdoor clothes then do bear in mind that there are plenty of shops who sell real good value outdoor clothes and you do not have to pay top-prices to get good quality. By all means bring some nice clothes too but save those for after activities. Oh, bring plenty of socks too!

Money. There are tuck shop/souvenir shops that sell a great range of souvenirs like Water bottles, Cuddly Toys, Mugs, Toys, Hats and more. A little money means your child can bring home a memento of their trip. Change rather than notes is a real help to us. £10 is plenty.

Disposable camera Great for a few memories. not the end of the world if it is lost/broken. Unlike your digital camera!

Re-usable drinks bottle 1 Litre is ideal (We sell bottles in our tuck shop too!)

Phones.We discourage the use of mobile phones on activities. The break, get lost and are an unnecessary distraction. NYOLS staff will always have a phone for emergency use and your school or group staff will always be able to arrange contact home when needed.

Any powered items. It is a good idea to leave anything that requires power at home. There are limited sockets and anything that has not been PAT tested by our technicians cannot be used.

Anything valuable Keep it safe by leaving it at home



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