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Step four - Promote your course

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As soon as you have confirmation of your booking from us we advise that you begin promoting your course in school to ensure you get as many students as possible signing up. We want to make this easy for you by providing help and materials to get the message out to your students and to inform parents.

Parents evening

You may wish to organise a meeting for parents to visit your school or organisation so that they can be told about the trip and become better informed. Feel free to organise this yourself but many of our schools ask us to send a member of NYOLS staff to talk to parents. If you would like this then please get in touch. We have a number of different slideshows available in our resource section to help you deliver an informative parents evening.

Signing up your students

This can often be quite a challenge in itself! Especially when competing with the ski trip, the french trip, the history trip and the geography field trip! The best thing you can do is get word out to students in as many forms as possible. Announcements in assemblies or form time are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are our top tips:

  • Download and print a poster from our resource section. These can be put up in key places around school.
  • The slideshows in our resource section can be used to help show students what awaits them – we all know pictures speak louder than words.
  • If you have the facilities to show them we have a Vimeo channel showing short films of some of the activities here.
  • Direct your students to this site so that they can browse in their own time too. We are found easily on Google.
  • If you have students who have visited one our centres previously then try and get them to speak to your prospective students to inspire them.
  • Follow us on social media such as Instagram, and encourage students who are old enough, colleagues and parents to do the same. (scroll down for more links to our social media content)


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