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Outdoor learning residentials

A North Yorkshire rite of passage

An outdoor learning residential at Bewerley Park or East Barnby offers a powerful experience. We use the North Yorkshire great outdoors and real outdoor activities as the vehicle for learning and progress.

Above all, we make a positive difference to student’s character, resilience, self-belief and motivation. Furthermore they will develop wider social, emotional and communication skills. In addition, we help them build positive, healthy attitudes and a growth mindset. Thus students go on to make improved progress at school and be more successful in the future.

In choosing NYOLS, your outdoor learning residential programme will be designed with you, according to your aims. During your course, our highly qualified staff ensure the right balance of encouragement, nurture and challenge to bring out the best in your students. What’s more, our highly inclusive approach enables success for all.

The wonderful North Yorkshire great outdoors is our learning environment and you will find our centres ideally placed in it to give us access to the rivers, hills, coasts and crags. Significantly, our teaching team are all highly qualified, experienced and multi-talented. Consequently, they know our venues intimately and ensure that safety and learning go hand in hand.

It is noteworthy that we get many comments from parents and grandparents who came to our centres themselves and they still class it as a transformational key moment in their lives. Pass on this North Yorkshire Rite of Passage!

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