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Forest Schools Leader Training

Local and Nationally accredited training

Whether you are looking to start your own forest school or become part of an existing one we can help give you the skills you need. Forest Schools offer young people the opportunity to attend regular sessions in which they can learn all about and develop themselves holistically in a student centered environment.

Open Award Level 3 – Forest School Training

Costs/person: £400 +£65 Reg Fee 

Duration: 5 days

The next Course is: 

Monday to Friday 9th – 13th September 2019 for a Full course

Thur to Fri 12th – 13th  September – top up days for those who have already done the 3 day course and wish to extend this to the Level 3.

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A Forest School Course including all of the content from ‘Getting a Forest School Started’ plus additional input relating to the L3 qualification. Following this course, candidates need to plan and deliver a series of Forest School sessions and produce a portfolio of evidence that will provide the basis for assessment.


Open Award Level 3 – Forest School Assessment

Costs/person: £240

Duration: 3 days

The assessment consists of 3 days. It is aimed at teachers, teaching assistants and youth leaders who wish to get their children out of the classroom and into the school grounds or local woods to learn, play and develop and have already done the 5 day training course with North Yorkshire Outdoor Learning Service.

One day involves an assessor observing the candidate running a Forest School Session. This can take place in a venue of the candidates choice or East Barnby can offer a venue and group. This is closely linked to Unit 4 of the portfolio. This day also includes guidance on the progress with the portfolio and any advice needed to complete it.

The other Two days are aimed at completing the practical elements of the portfolio. It is a very practical course involving lots of training and idea sharing but also elements of friendly, low-key assessment towards your Open Award certification. The two days will involve using tools and rope to make items, so that there is the opportunity to be observed introducing, using tools and knots and tarpaulins. There will also be fires and cooking enabling those skills and safety aspects to be observed as well.  This is closely linked to Unit 3 of the portfolio.


NYCC Forest School Leader

Costs/person: £240

Duration: 3 days

The next course is: Wed 9th – 11th  September 2019

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On this compact course you will cover all the basics needed to run forest activities at your school. The course includes Education theory, Woodland ecology, Bushcraft, Safety and management.

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