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Free learning visits for Teachers and Leaders

Visit the UKs greatest outdoor classroom

We offer all teachers and leaders a CPD opportunity to come and spend a day at East Barnby or Bewerley Park to gain a better understanding of the value that Outdoor Learning offers. Furthermore you will develop a better understanding of NYOLS in general. By prior arrangement we can find the ideal school for you to tag along with so you can spend a whole or half-day finding out first hand what pupils here are learning.

Reasons people take up this offer include:

  • Perhaps you are thinking of making a booking here and want to find out more before committing?
  • Maybe you already have a booking but would like to see a particular activity or session in practice before you add it to your program?
  • You want to develop your professional understanding of Outdoor Learning and how we promote positive SEMH outcomes.
  • To look at how we review, build resilience, or promote growth mindset and meta-cognition through our work.
  • You might be a trainee or newly qualified teacher and want to find out more about the UKs greatest outdoor classroom.
  • If you are considering us as a part of an alternative curriculum offer.

Whatever your reason we are sure to be able to help. Just give us a call to discuss what you would like to gain from your visit and we will pair you up with an existing school so that you can spend a whole or half day here with them.

Your CPD day

The content of your visit could any of the following aspects;

  • Taking part in your chosen activity (weather permitting) in as full a capacity as you wish alongside your host school;
  • Speaking to pupils to find out their perspective;
  • Talking to visiting staff who are here and find out why they use NYOLS;
  • Get a tour of the centre to see the facilities;
  • Meet with centre staff to learn what goes into organising a course.

All you have to do is get yourself here and your visit will be completely free of charge. We will include a lunch, tea and coffee and even some cake or a biscuit if you are still here at 16:45!

Get in touch today to arrange your visit.